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Top 50 người có tầm ảnh hưởng trong lĩnh vực quản lý dự án

ĐTC - Top 50 người có tầm ảnh hưởng trong lĩnh vực quản lý dự án

Bạn sẽ tìm kiếm những người có tầm ảnh hưởng trong lĩnh vực quản lý dự án ở đâu? Bạn có thể tin vào lời nói chia sẻ trên internet hay qua giới thiệu của ai đó, nhưng đó chỉ là những thông tin chủ quan. Cho dù kết quả đưa ra cho bạn từ công cụ tìm kiếm như Google, Coccoc, Bing..., nhưng liệu những thông tin đó có đáng tin cậy? Càng nhiều người follow trên Twitter thì càng có tầm ảnh hưởng?

Hiện có hơn 284 triệu người dùng hoạt động trên twitter. Để có được thông tin đúng thực sự rất khó khắn. Tổ chức của GreyCampus đã phân tích hàng ngàn tài khoản để tìm ra những người có ảnh hưởng nhất trong lĩnh vực quản lý dự án. Họ đã tìm kiếm những người có ảnh hưởng nhất trong twtrland và sau đó phân tích các tài khoản trong LinkedIn và Twitter. Sau khi phân tích một số con số, họ đã biên soạn một danh sách top 125 cho chúng ta và ở đây ĐTC chỉ giới thiệu tới bạn Top 50 người có tầm ảnh hưởng nhất thôi, bạn nào muốn nhận thêm 75 người còn lại có thể comment email phía cuối bài viết để tôi gửi email cho bạn.

Danh sách này được xây dựng dựa trên mức độ uy tín trên mạng xã hội và những chia sẻ đóng góp của họ trong suốt thời gian 3 - 4 năm.

Xin chúc mừng 50 người lọt trong top này. Chúng ta hãy xem thông tin của họ và kết nối với họ để theo dõi thông tin từ họ (Nếu bạn đã dùng Twitter thì follow tôi TẠI ĐÂY nhé ^^)

Hình ảnh chụp top 50 người có ảnh hưởng nhất trong lĩnh vực quản lý dự án

1. Name: Terri Bauman 
Description: Terri is an Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Social Media Marketer, Business Owner and Internet Marketer.
Social Authority Score: 72

2. Name: Michael Kaplan 
Description: Michael is a Change agent, who helps organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance.
Social Authority Score: 65

3. Name: Carlos J. Pampliega 
Description: Carlos is an Architect & Project Manager Professional. He is in PMI Madrid-Spain Board of Directors. Seeking Excellence by Design. 
Social Authority Score: 58

4. Name: Lindsay Scott
Description: Scott is enthusiastic PMO bod. Dir of Project Management Recruitment business - Arras People. Co-editor of Handbook of People in PM. PMO flashmobber
Social Authority Score: 56

5. Name: Falk Schmidt 
Description: Falk is a Project Manager & PM Coach. He is a leaer in Business Innovation, Change Management, Hosting & Directing Business Events.
Social Authority Score: 54

6. Name: Susanne Madsen 
Description: Project leadership coach, trainer and consultant. Author of 'The Project Management Coaching Workbook' and 'The Power of Project Leadership'.
Social Authority Score: 51

7. Name: Bart vermijlen 
Description: Bart is an Executive Digital Producer @DuvalGuillaume. Author of The Agile Agency 
Social Authority Score: 51

8. Name: Hala saleh 
Description: Hala is a technologist who transforms organizations and creates real, tangible business results. She is always learning. 
Social Authority Score: 50

9. Name: federico reinke 
Description: Project Manager, Integrated Project , Planning and Construction Management , Gestion comercial.Barcelona , Miami , Buenos Aires Address
Social Authority Score: 50

10. Name: Elizabeth Harrin 
Description: Author of Social Media for Project Managers & Customer-Centric Project Management, business writer, Director of @otobosgroup.
Social Authority Score: 49

11. Name: Anne Gabrillagues
Description: Ane is Agile coach, specialist in CSM / CSPO at @ippontech - Member of the board of the French Scrum User Group (@frenchsug), organizer of the ScrumDayFr event (@ScrumDayFr)
Social Authority Score: 49

12. Name: Daniel echeverria 
Description:Strategic Management and Project Management. pmlat ,pmot ,pmi ,pmp,agile ,pmbok
Social Authority Score: 48

13. Name: Jon Terry 
Description: Lean learner, Kanban believer, Agile enthusiast, project manager, Scrum 'master', husband, father, wanderer, observer & supporter of 'Rise of the Rest'
Social Authority Score: 48

14. Name: Bert Heymans 
Description: Senior Project Manager who wants to deliver quality products that make people forget about the technology they are using. 
Social Authority Score: 47

15. Name: Joelle A Godfrey 
Description: Project Management Professional. Six Sigma & ITIL Foundations Certified. Incurable reader.
Social Authority Score: 46

16. Name: Muzzamil Hussain
Description: Hussain writes experimental codes and manage projects. MT/RT ≠ endorsement. LAMP ,MEAN ,PMP
Social Authority Score: 45

17. Name: Martin Webster 
Description: Martin finds simple solutions to complex business problems. Writes on project management, business change and leadership teams. Start learning… 
Social Authority Score: 44

18. Name: Ron Rosenhead 
Description: International project management consultant & speaker. Co-author of Strategies for Project Sponsorship – Practical project management!
Social Authority Score: 44

19. Name : Derek Huether 
Description: Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile. I take the hand waving out of , Agile Transformation , Scrum , Kanban , Lean
Social Authority Score: 44

20. Name: Donniemacnicol 
Description: Passionate about developing the leadership capability of individual project and program managers, teams and organisations. Prolific networker, Author. Speaker.
Social Authority Score: 44

21. Name: Deanne Earle 
Description: Programme, Project & Change management; delivers business value from technology change projects in Medium & Large Co's. Likes Execs & Co's that give a damn.
Social Authority Score: 43

22. Name: Mario H Trentim, MSc
Description: Project Management Evangelist , MSc PMP PMI-RMP PRINCE2 MCT Consultant, Author and Professor. 
Social Authority Score: 43

23. Name : Helen Rittersporn 
Description: Blogging daily Project Mgr PMP. Love fountain pens, paperweights, stationery, Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, Mamiya C330 scrapbooker.
Social Authority Score: 43

24. Name : Sean Hull
Description:Deep experience delivering projects / programs globally.
Social Authority Score: 43

25. Name : Lew Sauder
Description: Follow me as we discuss Consulting, Project Management, Mentoring & other interesting topics. 
Social Authority Score: 42

26. Name : Alex Wied
Description: IT Executive. Interested in tech, trendy enterprise IT topics, start-ups.
Social Authority Score:42

27. Name: Ricardo Viana Vargas
Description: Project Manager. Director, Project Management Practice at UNOPS. Author of 14 books about PM. PMI Past Chair. Retweets and following are not endorsements.
Social Authority Score:41

28. Name: Peter Taylor
Decription: Project Management Speaker and Author
Social Authority Score: 41

29. Name: Cornelius Fichtner
Description: Project manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, public speaker and gummi bear addict
Social Authority Score: 41

30. Name: Dawn Reid, PM 
Description: Bridging the worlds of project management and social media. Interested in global communication.
Social Authority Score: 41

31. Name: Jose Barato
Description: Applying best practices on the effectiveness , the paradigm of whole person and principle-centered leadership
Social Authority Score: 41

32. Name : Tony Adams 
Description: Project Leadership - Consultant, Speaker & Blogger; passionate about storytelling, Social Media, Bob Dylan, Charles Dickens & hot tea
Social Authority Score: 41

33. Name : TL Frasqueri-Molina 
Description: Trusted with most important investments of business: People, Projects, Culture & Capital. PMP, CSM, Gamer, Ravenclaw- Sr. Agile Project Manager @lootcrate (TMO)
Social Authority Score: 41

34. Name : Henrik Mårtensson 
Description: Business strategist, process expert, and project manager interested in Systems Thinking, Strategic Navigation, and Agile
Social Authority Score: 41

35. Name: Glen B. Alleman 
Description: Leader of high performance software intensive projects in Aerospace, Defense, Federal, Enterprise IT with Performance-Based Project Management®, Niwot Colorado.
Social Authority Score: 39

36. Name: Ivan Rivera, PMP 
Description: [ PMP ][ SCPM ][ MATI ] …
Social Authority Score: 38

37. Name: Jim Highsmith 
Description: Author, Agile Project Management, Agilist, Adaptive Leadership, Enterprise Agility, Cyclist
Social Authority Score: 36

38. Name: Erikaflora 
Description: Project Management/PMP, ITSM/ITIL, Agile/Scrum Coach, instructor, speaker, consultant & blogger who loves to relax with a glass of red wine
Social Authority Score: 36

39. Name : Vincent Birlouez 
Description: Freelance programme/project manager. Specialise in IT and Telecoms. Founder of http://bokmap.com 
Social Authority Score: 36

40. Name : Mario Coquillat 
Description: Convinced that the ISO21500 generate a change. Helping to happen from the @ grupo_iso21500 .
Social Authority Score: 36

41. Name : Victor Alonso Lion 
Description: Your Multilingual Content in Good Hands. GILT industry, Business Development, Project Management, L10N, I18N, Localization, Translation, Globalization, G11n.
Social Authority Score: 36

42. Name: Rickamorris 
Description: Business Manager, Project Manager, Motivational Speaker, Author
Social Authority Score: 35

43. Name : Mike Clayton 
Description: Mike is an author and speaker specialising in project and change management, risk, communication and influence, and leadership.
Social Authority Score: 35

44. Name: chris projectsguru 
Description: Freelance Project Manager ,pmot & engineer ,business consultant with a passion for new product development & ,innovation.
Social Authority Score: 34

45. Name : Dino Butorac 
Description: Founder and CEO of pmmentor. Project manager, consultant and trainer. PMIer, Toastmaster, runner.
Social Authority Score: 34

46. Name : Gwenael Bonhommeau 
Description: Maitre-nageur Agile @XebiaFr — Kanban, Scrum, Kaizen, LeanStartup, FeatureTeam, Co-créateur @_FKUG , Photo
Social Authority Score: 34

47. Name: Americo Pinto 
Description: Project Management Consultant, Professor, Author and Researcher.
Social Authority Score: 33

48. Name: Sumudu Siriwardana 
Description: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, UX, Project Management enthusiast, Bookworm.
Social Authority Score: 33

49. Name: Nicola Caswell-Thorp 
Description: Background in project management, specialising in Project Consultation + sharing info. Owner of PPM professional CV writing service The CV Righter @thecvrighter
Social Authority Score: 33

50. Name : Rajeev Ahooja 
Description: Project Management, Leadership, Facilitation, Technology, inance, Business, News
Social Authority Score: 33


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